Two Simple Steps to Keep Flowers Fresh

Keep flowers fresh before they go in your kitchen compost bin.

Table flowers are a wonderful addition to any space to brighten the room and your mood. Unfortunately, once cut from their foundation, flowers begin to wilt. 


These very simple tricks were recommended by a farmers market florist and will help keep flowers fresh: 


Step 1 to keep flowers fresh


It’s common practice to cut stems at an angle to increase the amount of water the flower can soak up. However, when the stem is cut at a slant, it increases the surface area becomes exposed to bacteria.


Cutting the stem at at 90 degree angle will reduce the stems susceptibility to bacteria and the next step will take care of the flower’s water needs. 


Step 2 to keep flowers fresh


Removing the leaves from the stalk will help direct water to the flower, keeping the petals hydrated and your flowers fresher for longer. Prune the leaves gently to avoid causing an excessive wound on the stem (and exposure to bacteria minimal).


Putting wilted flowers in a kitchen compost bin.

Plant debris is the perfect addition to the compost bin where it’ll eventually turn into nutrient rich soil that can be used to grow more flowers!  


If you love having table flowers in your house, the CompoKeeper would make a great kitchen compost bin since its tall profile accepts long flower stems and its odor-sealing technology will keep your kitchen smelling fresh and fruit fly-free. Try this guide to keep flowers fresh and enjoy the beautiful addition to your home for longer!


(In case you haven’t noticed, wilting flowers tend to be pretty stinky). 


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