Composting is Easy with Curbside Collection

Recycle your food scraps on trash day. Small startups and large municipal organizations are stepping up to keep organic waste out of landfills and they’re making it super easy for you.


curbside compost bin

Basic Steps:

  1. Check with your local municipality to see if they offer a service for the weekly or biweekly collection of food waste for composting.
  2. Learn what items your municipality will and will not accept for composting.
  3. Collect food waste and compostable items in your kitchen with the CompoKeeper compost bin.
  4. Once a week, or as needed, empty the contents of the CompoKeeper into your curbside bin.
  5. Figure out which day of the week the composting service is available and remember to pull your curbside bin out for collection.


Trash to Treasure:

  • Check out our list of what can be composted.
  • Check to see which, if any, additional items your municipality/composting service will accept.



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