Tell Fruit Flies to Buzz Off


Everyone agrees: fruit flies are THE WORST. On top of being annoying they’re embarrassing. They flutter in your face during meaningful conversations and then the next thing you know they’ve landed in your food or drink. Put a stop to the annoyance and get rid of fruit flies in your kitchen for good with these simple tips!


Fruit flies (or Drosophila to get scientific on ya) lay eggs on the surface of fermenting food, in garbage disposals, and sometimes mops and cleaning rags.


If you have a fruit fly infestation you’ll need to take a two-pronged approach. Natural fruit fly traps will get rid of the fruit flies you have and these preventative tricks will help ensure they don’t come back.


Prong 1: Kick Them Out with Natural Fruit Fly Traps


Food scrap trap.


Keep a small bowl of food scraps covered with plastic wrap. Poke small holes in the plastic wrap with a toothpick and let it sit on your counter for a few days. Fruit flies will make their way into the bowl where they will stay because they can’t escape.


This is a great method if you’d prefer to keep the little buggers alive. Every so often, take the bowl outside and remove the plastic wrap to free the fruit flies. That way they can enjoy what remains of their 10-day lifespan in the great outdoors. Repeat until you are fruit fly-free!


Red Wine or Vinegar (or maybe even Red Wine Vinegar!)



natural fruit fly trap to get rid of fruit flies



Poor some red wine/vinegar in a ramekin, add a few drops of dish soap and cover with plastic wrap secured by a rubber band. Poke holes in the plastic wrap so the fruit flies can enter. The dish soap helps to break the surface tension of the liquid and the fruit flies will dive in and stay down there. Replace every few days. 


Part 2: Keep Them Out with Preventive Measures


Seal doors and windows.


Fruit flies will migrate inside when a door or window is left open. Guard these entrances by keeping them shut and fixing any punctured screens and weak seals.  


Refrigerate/conceal overly ripe produce.


Overly ripe produce carried home from the grocery store can be the vehicle for soon-to-hatch fruit flies (they lay their eggs in the peels). To keep them from taking over your kitchen once they do hatch, store ripe fruit in the refrigerator (fruit flies can’t survive the cold), cover fruit bowls and plates with a mesh or plastic cover, or seal in a glass container with a lid.

These repurposed jars are perfect for healthy snacks on the go.


Clean your drain.


Before they hatch, kill any fruit fly eggs in your drain by pouring a pot of boiling soapy water down it and use a brush to scrub around the edges of the drain. 


Store cleaning supplies.


Keep soiled mops and rags in a closet somewhere far away from the kitchen. If there is clear evidence that your sponges and rags have become a breeding ground, launder them with hot water or replace them.


Use a CompoKeeper to conceal compost. 


This innovative kitchen compost bin is perfect for food scraps and can help get rid of fruit flies


Because fruit flies hunt for ripened or fermenting fruits and vegetables, your kitchen compost bin is the perfect destination. 


However, with its compostable bag-sealing technology and pedal-powered lid, the CompoKeeper is perfect at keeping fruit flies away because it disguises the contents and fruit flies buzz off. If fruit flies make it through the nearly-impermeable wall, well…they wouldn’t dream of escaping.


Compost wilting flowers.


Similar to food scraps, wilting flowers are heavenly for fruit flies. To help get rid of fruit flies, toss droopy arrangements in the CompoKeeper before they become too ripe and brighten your space with a fresh bouquet of flowers.


Have any tricks up your sleeve that we’ve missed here? Let us know in the comments below! 



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