Compost Drop Off at Greenmarket

Greenmarket in NYC allows you to drop off compost.

Drop-off composting is for devoted “earth keepers” who don’t have a better method of composting. People do this in NYC at the Greenmarket Farmers Markets. They walk their compostables to the market every week; there’s something to be said for that commitment! Good on ya.


You’ll Need:

  • CompoKeeper (for collecting food waste in the kitchen)
  • Mode of transportation


Basic Steps:

  1. If your municipality does not offer the service, enter your Zip code into to see if there is a nearby collection site/ facility like the Greenmarket where you can bring your compost.
  2. Learn what items this facility will and will not accept for composting.
  3. Understand if there are allotted time slots or costs involved in dropping off compostable matter.


Trash to Treasure:

  • Check out our list of universally accepted compostables┬áto learn what you can and be┬ácomposted.
  • Check with the facility that’s processing the compost to see if they have any preferences or restrictions on certain items.



  • Find a neighbor who wants to compost too and suggest working together to make the trip to the facility or Greenmarket on alternating weeks.



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