Community Garden Composting

Community gardens are where people go to grow and compost is great for growing. If there’s a compost pile, it’s likely the food waste is a welcome addition. If you’re not making your own compost, a community garden is a great way to see how your compostables become fertilizer for nutritious, organic produce.


  • CompoKeeper (for collecting food waste in the kitchen)
  • Mode of transportation

Basic Steps:

  1. Google “community garden” in your local area and pick one that you’d like to give your compost to.
  2. Get in touch with an organizer to let them know you want to compost and ask if they have an active system set up for composting.
  3. Learn how they prefer their compost, which days to bring it by and which types of waste they’ll accept.
  4. When you’ve gotten approval, schedule time into your week to take compost over to the community garden.
  5. Be sure to stop and smell the roses, or even become a member and grow your own.

community garden composting

Trash to Treasure:

  • Check out our list of what can be composted (and what can’t)!
  • Check to see which, if any, additional items your municipality/composting service will accept.


  • Find a neighbor who wants to compost too and suggest working together to make the trip to the facility on alternating weeks.



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