3 Tips to Keep Your Green Kitchen Clean & Clutter-Free

If you’re anything like me, when your kitchen is dirty, grimy, gritty or cluttered you feel like everything else in your life is in the same condition. The kitchen is the heart and soul of your home. Spending time there should have you feeling calm, nourished and nurtured (not uncomfortable). 


The following tips are eco-friendly ways to create a clean and clutter-free zone that will leave you feeling content and saving money too.


Make your fridge and pantry sparkle. 


Instead of purchasing plastic Tupperware for leftovers, reuse glass jars. Jam jars. Pasta sauce jars. Pickle jars. They come in all shapes and sizes!


repurposed jars for eco friendly kitchen

photo credit: http://hellonatural.co/


Reusing jars for food storage (last night’s leftovers, grains, nuts or spices) is not only resourceful, it makes for a beautiful and efficient kitchen. Spoiled food will become a thing of the past. With a clear view of what you’re storing, you can easily find what you want when you want it and monitor when something is past its prime. Plus, the array of colors shining through will remind you of how well you’re eating and that your body is just as clean as your kitchen!


De-clutter your counters.


Countertop space is prime real estate. Where else can you put down your groceries, prepare your meals or rest your elbows while chatting with loved ones?


Free up some space by storing your food scrap collector on the floor. A desire for clean prepping surfaces was a huge motivating factor behind the CompoKeeper. Its 6 gallon size is perfect for the amount of organic waste an average household creates (did you know that 30% of the American residential waste stream is compostable?) and it opens with foot pedals, so you won’t even have to touch it. By going with a larger compost bin you can cut down on compostable bag refills and cut back on spending.    


Compostable waste doesn’t belong in your face. Keep it clean and keep it on the floor or under the counter in a slide out trash drawer!


Under counter compost bin

The CompoKeeper fits in standard trash drawers. Use a handle to open and seal the liner instead of the foot pedals.



Swap Paper for Cloth   


Save your coins on single-use paper towels and stock up on cloth napkins instead.


Cloth napkins are useful, environmentally friendly, and absolutely adorable. Browse your local thrift shop to find a variety of colors and patterns or, if you’re the crafty type, make them out of fabric you have on hand like that floral dress you love but just don’t wear anymore.


reusable cloth napkins


Store them somewhere handy, use as needed and then toss them in the wash when they need a good. It’s so easy!


If you just can’t do without your handy “thicker, quicker picker-uppers,” you can still achieve green-star-status by tossing them into the compost bin (sans chemical cleaning agents).


What other tips or tricks do you have for keeping your kitchen green, clean, and organized? Let us know in the comments below.




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