25 (non-food) household items you’ll be surprised are compostable

Once you compost you just have to boast. It makes you feels so good, some might even say it’s addicting. If you feel the need to feed your world-saving craving, you’re ready for this list:

    1. Contents of the vacuum/dust pan
    2. Bamboo Skewers
    3. Toothpicks
    4. Soiled pizza boxes
    5. Egg cartons (non-Styrofoam)
    6. Compostable to-go food service goods
    7. Q-tips (no t the plastic kinds)
    8. Matches
    9. Pencil shavings
    10. Burlap sacks
    11. Cotton or wool clothes/socks
    12. Balloons (latex)
    13. Holiday wreaths (without the plastic shiny things)
    14. Potpourri
    15. Nail clippings
    16. Fishfood
    17. Rope
    18. Toilet paper & paper towel rolls
    19. Cellophane
    20. Kleenex (used even!)
    21. Loofas (real loofa)
    22. Cotton balls
    23. Masking tape
    24. White/plain glue
    25. Junk Mail (uncoated)

Some items on this list are not appropriate for worm composting (balloons for instance). Some things may take a bit longer to break down in backyard piles. For faster composting, shredding contents is advised. If you have a question about something in particular, get in touch.

World-save away!



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