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It’s a Summer of Sustainability – Enter to Win $1,000+ Giveaway Goodies


We LOVE summer and to celebrate we’re hosting six weeks of GIVEAWAYS!! We want to help you stay green while enjoying all your favorite summer activities.


For six consecutive weeks we’ll be giving away a CompoKeeper (winners choose their favorite color) and another eco-goody from some of our favorite brands.


The CompoKeeper is a kitchen compost bin that will help you conveniently recycle food scraps from picnics, BBQs, and block parties without odors or fruit flies.


Garden Goddess – Natural, Organic Sunscreen


Sunscreen can be confusing. If you don’t protect your skin, you risk a burn and long-term skin damage. On the other hand, some chemical sunscreens can irritate the skin and cause other health issues. So what do you do?


Garden Goddess makes this easy: wear all-natural, organic sunscreen! It offers powerful protection with no synthetic chemicals or artificial ingredients. Created by parents when their daughter had allergic reactions to the chemicals in traditional cosmetic products, this sunscreen is non-toxic, 100% natural and 100% biodegradable. This means Garden Goddess products protect your skin and the world around you.


We love that Garden Goddess reveals each ingredient that makes up their natural, organic sunscreen and why it’s included. Packed with minerals and organic, plant-based ingredients, this sunscreen sounds just as rejuvenating as a trip to the spa. 


Another point for Garden Goddess: it’s made in the U.S.A.! They whip up their product right there, onsite, in Boulder County, Colorado. We love products made locally and this giveaway is exactly how we want to celebrate America’s birthday.  


Enter the giveaway on Facebook between 6/29 and 7/3 for a chance to win some Everyday Sunscreen and Sport Sunscreen from Garden Goddess, plus a CompoKeeper ($130 value). 



Klean Kanteen – Reusable Stainless Steel Bottle


We’re not the only ones who love these bottles, we see them everywhere! And thank goodness!


These durable, stainless steel, BPA-free containers replace toxic plastic and displace single-use container pollution. Klean Kanteen is shrinking that island of plastic we all know about, one container at a time.


Not only are they a better solution for the environment, we love that they’re durable, stylish, and offer a variety of color options.


Like us, Klean Kanteen is a family owned and operated B Corporation. They also donate 1% of sales to nonprofits working to protect and promote the health of our planet. We’re big fans!


Enter the giveaway on Facebook between 7/6- 7/10 for a chance to win 12oz Insulated Bottle (keep your beverage cold, even in the high temps of summer months) plus a CompoKeeper ($125 value).




Paperless Kitchen – Compostable Dishware


Paperless Kitchen is one of our favorite spots to shop for sustainable kitchen products online. We trust them to discover the most sensible, fashionable and convenient products that also help protect the planet and reduce waste. You can count on Paperless Kitchen to help you live a clean, comfortable, and sustainable lifestyle. 


Take, for example, the Leafware collection. Leafware is an innovative take on single-use dishware that’s perfect for your summer BBQs, birthday parties and wedding celebrations. Inspired by an ancient art of transforming leaves into dishes, all Leafware products begin as leaves that fall from trees and end as elegant dishware that can be composted right in your backyard. Your guests will love the story behind the Leafware supplies and be inspired by your waste-free party skills. Rock on!


Enter the giveaway on Facebook between 7/13- 7/17 for a chance to win a Leafware Party Pack from Paperless Kitchen plus a CompoKeeper ($223 value).



GrowOya – Terra Cotta Watering Pots for the Garden


We’re deeply in love with GrowOyas terra cotta watering pots for gardens.


Did you know that, like California, 36 states are going to be faced with extreme water shortages in the next 5 years? Good thing GrowOya can help gardeners be more water wise starting today. 


GrowOya is an ancient form of localized plant irrigation that improves water efficiency by letting nature do its thing. GrowOya conserves our limited fresh water supply by reducing up to 70% of water waste due to surface evaporation and runoff.


Bonus for the busy, these buried water pots can save a ton of time. Instead of having to dose your garden with water every day (and sometime twice a day), fill the GrowOya with water every 5-10 days and let your plant water themselves.


Enter the giveaway on Facebook between 7/13- 7/17 for a chance to win three small GrowOyas plus a CompoKeeper ($175 value).


Tea Spot – Iced Tea Set


Stay cool during the dog days of summer with some delicious and refreshing iced tea from The Tea Spot.


The Tea Spot makes handcrafted whole leaf teas and Steepware® tools that make the tea experience effortless and accessible. 


The Tea Spot’s Founder, Maria Uspenski, is a cancer survivor drawn to the health benefits of loose-leaf tea. Maria knows that tea, in its freshest form, renders premium flavor, unmatched health benefits, and is eco-friendly (it’s unprocessed and compostable, y’all!).


As a Colorado-based Certified B Corporation that’s woman-owned and operated, The Tea Spot sets an amazing example for the rest of us for-purpose businesses. In addition, ten percent of tea sales are donated in-kind to cancer and community wellness programs. Now that’s some sweet tea!


For a chance to win an Iced Tea set from The Tea Spot plus a CompoKeeper ($175 value), enter to win on Facebook between 7/27- 7/31.



3 Green Moms’ Lunchskins – Reusable Sandwhich Bags


If you’re in need of back to school supplies you’ll love this giveaway. Packing school lunch will never be the same.


Did you know that every day 20 million sandwich bags end up in landfills or go directly into waterways?


Inspired by the opportunity to reduce this waste stream, 3 Green Moms created Lunchskins. Lunchskins are absolutely adorable reusable sandwich bags (they come in a variety of award-winning colors and patterns). One Lunchskin replaces 500 plastic bags! Just, wow.


Enter the giveaway on Facebook between 8/3- 8/7 for a chance to win your munchins a combo pack of Lunchskins sandwich bags and lunch tote, plus a CompoKeeper ($175 value).


Then, just for fun check out their house rules. We love this one in particular: If it makes us laugh, you’re not in trouble.


Whew! These moms are the best.



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