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6 Tips to Help you Keep Your Resolution


Let’s face it… most of us have probably already slipped up on our New Year’s Resolutions. And if you haven’t, then more power to you! Some researchers say it takes 21 days to form a new habit, while others say it can take way longer than that. Whether your resolution is to do more yoga, to eat healthier, or to reduce your carbon footprint we’ve rounded up a couple tips to help you keep that resolution going long past the first month of the year.


1. Set a reminder/ alarm on your phone


If you set a few reminders throughout the day it will be a lot harder to forget about. Usually your intentions are in the right place but life gets in the way. When your resolution starts to slip your mind, reminders will keep you on track (especially if you set it to your favorite song)!


2. Enlist a support group


Find some friends to jump on board, it will be a lot more fun that way! It’s very easy to snooze the alarm and skip your workout if you’re in it alone… it’s a lot harder to bail on working out with your friend. You’ll be glad that you have someone to hold you accountable…and who doesn’t love a little friendly competition?


3. Be Flexible (and not only if your resolution is more yoga)


You don’t need to wait for January 1st to try something new in your life. If your resolution isn’t working for you, change it. If you’ve mastered it, add another one. It’s all about self-improvement and there aren’t rules! Make your resolution work with your schedule; you may not be able to make it happen every day if you’re busy.


4. Reward Yourself


If you’ve been killin’ it on your resolution, treat yo’ self! You’ll find yourself more excited to keep your resolution going if you are getting little rewards throughout the week. Whether it’s some exotic chocolate or a movie with a friend– small rewards will condition your mind and body to keep working towards your goal.


5. Plan Ahead


Look at your schedule each week and carve out time for you to work on your resolution. Taking it day by day will make it very easy to put it off until the end of the week. If you plan ahead you can be more prepared and make sure that you don’t continue to put it on the back burner.


6. Don’t be so hard on yourself!


A resolution is for you… and only you! It exists simply to make you happier and healthier, not to stress you out. If you miss a day or two, who cares!? Just do your best to get back on track and give yourself a pat on the back for trying. Oh the irony in setting an intention to meditate every day and then stressing out because you forgot to! There’s no such thing as the resolution police (thank goodness), so just relax and try your best.



What’s your resolution? Do you have any tips that have helped you keep it? Let us know in the comments!