• CompoKeeper

  • No Odors

  • Hands-Free

  • Versatile

They're Lovin' It

  • "I've tried three kitchen composters including yours and the CompoKeeper stands far above the rest with no odor, spillage or flies."

    Dale O. - Los Angeles, CA

  • "We love the CompoKeeper. We have a staff of about 35 staff on this floor so it gets a lot of use and works well for a shared space. It totally keeps the smell down."

    Jennifer W. - Portland, OR

  • "I've actually been using the CompoKeeper as a diaper pail and it works fantastic. The foot pedal is very sturdy and easy to use and the secure closing keep the odor in the bin. I highly recommend this product."

    Stacey - Lafayette, CO

  • "No diaper pail compares to the ComPOO-Keeper. Not only does it effectively trap odors, it's simple and efficient, easy to change bags, and HANDS FREE! Hallelujah! I love your invention and it's changed my life for the better! Thank YOU!"

    Karin K.

  • "This is great! I'm totally scared of bugs, and because of that, I have never had a trash can inside my house. What I do on a daily basis is throw every bit of trash into a little bag and give it a knot to keep it closed. At the end of the day I throw that into the trash outside. You just solved my problem."

    Vanessa A.

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